I grew up in Lighthouse Point on the Atlantic coast of Florida and have spent most of my life in the coastal south or at sea level. As a college student at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA, I had the opportunity to study in the former Belgrade, Yugoslavia for a summer. I remember taking the ferry across the Adriatic to Italy. I fell in love with all the art and museums there. I was fascinated by anything of the Renaissance or Baroque periods. Art history became a lifelong passion and pastime.

 I got my Bachelor's degree in History with a minor in Art History and taught school for a few years before becoming a full time Mom.  It was then that I started painting, taking classes at night in local strip shopping malls and continuing education at LSU.  I set up a little corner of our garage for "my" painting space.  Right there next to the lawn mower!

When my children got in elementary school I went back to work as a fundraiser for local arts groups and enrolled in LSU  as a post grad in independent studies in painting and drawing.  Along the way I also learned how to throw pots.  I spent a year with a very kind gentleman in Baton Rouge, Pres Kors, who was a wonderful ceramic artist.  He was a great mentor and taught me everything he knew about the art of ceramics.

In 1990 my husband Pete and I moved to Brussels, Belgium for a year with his company.  I had the opportunity there to further explore my interest in art history.  The great thing about Brussels is that you can drive for an hour in any direction and be in another country.  I got in the car most mornings and went in one direction or another and hit all the museums and contemporary galleries in that particular country.  It was a vagabond experience and I soaked it in like a sponge.  I'd come home at night and draw and paint little paintings in our rented little kitchen in our post modernism concrete high rise.  It was a pretty cool time for us.

Today Pete and I live in Mount Dora, FL (Yes, I did say Mount!) so I'm back to my Florida roots.   I've gone from painting realistically in oils to my own form of abstraction using acrylics and occasionally mixed media.  Whatever my subject matter, there is always a little bit of the coastal south landscape in every painting.

Mount Dora is an artsy little town, very much "old Florida" and it attracts a lot of artists.  So the really great thing about that is there is a lot of sharing of ideas, a lot of experimenting with new techniques and products.  And I'm always looking for the next corner to turn!


Instructer:          Mount Dora Center for the Arts

Past President:   Artisans on fifth:  Central Florida's largest artist cooperative art gallery

Member:            Mount Dora Public Arts Commission, Chairperson 2017-2018

                          Eustis Art League

                          Mount Dora Center for the Arts

                          Mount Dora 2nd Friday Art in the Alley